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Different Consumer Unit

Here are 3 x FACTS

FACT 1: Your consumer unit will eventually trip. (Day or night)
FACT 2: You will have difficulty obtaining an electrician at short notice.
FACT 3: When you obtain an electrician it will cost you hundreds to locate and solve the electrical problem.


I will show you the secrets that I have learnt over my 36 years in the electrical industry, you won't read these secrets in any book, article column or on any website. Here are 10 good reasons to purchase this Handbook today.

1. An electrical fault will happen at the least appropriate time, be prepared for it with this Emergency Handbook.
2. Learn how the experts solve electrical faults and how you can do it too.
3. Why almost everyone rings an electrician at the wrong time, find out what to do instead.
4. If you can follow photos, if you can switch things off, if you can un-plug various items, then you can follow my strategies and save hundreds of pounds in call out fees.
5.You cannot afford not to have this handbook beside your Fuse box or Consumer unit, because an electrical fault will happen to you one day.
6. Learn the secrets that almost all people miss follow my step-by-step guide and get your electricity back on in an emergency.
7. This is a great opportunity to solve any electrical problem and save hundreds of pounds in call out fees.
8. The Emergency Handbook is normally only £15.99, but the first 200 people can obtain the Handbook for £9.99 including postage and packaging.

9. In my experience half of the emergency electrical jobs that I get called out to could be solved be customers if they knew what to do.
10. I’m going to hand over to you my secrets; this handbook is the complete blueprint to getting your electricity back on in an emergency.


Get your electricity back on in an emergency

Emergency Handbook

Put this Emergency Handbook beside your consumer Unit or Fuse box.


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