wise solutions

Terms and conditions of these services.

1. We can only connect your new appliance to an existing electric supply.

2. For electric and induction hobs and electric cookers, there must be an adequate electrical supply based on manufacturer's recommendations.

3. There must also be an adequate gap (as per the manufacturer's recommendations) between the heat source and whatever is above it in your kitchen.

4. We will only do the electrical connections for free standing Cookers, the engineer will not adjust the cookers feets or do any drilling or fixing of any brackets to support the cooker.

5. If your worktop needs to be altered for a hob, we're only able to do this for a charge of £25.

6. For an extractor, we'll connect the hood to an existing extractor fan and the correct ducting; as this is not supplied, you must already have the correct type and size of ducting kit. The aperture must be the correct dimensions for the hood. We won't expand or reduce vent holes.